Do Dreams Come True? [Story from a small town girl]

The perks of having small dreams…they come true. When you see a struggling family, witness phases where things look hopeless and try to find happiness in the small things you have right now… it leaves you not to dream at all or dream small, if you must.

Devanshi Singh.
4 min readDec 14, 2021

When a girl comes from a small town, she usually has small dreams or is made to have (and the least of expectations). Either find a governments job(even a clerk) or marry a guy with a government job, have kids, get fat, become grandma, cook your whole life, and then die.

I came from this society. But, thanks to my family and parents, I haven’t been taught any of these bullshits. In fact, my father had high hopes for me. Being good in academics and getting selected for nationals, he developed the wrong idea that I could do anything. First, he wanted me to be a doctor; but due to financial instability and eagerness to fix it, I opted for engineering. (even though I was extremely poor in math's)

Then with his train of suggestions and my brain not having clear goals, I kept preparing for all the government jobs. Banking, SSC, AFCAT, MP PSC, and whatnot. I sat for GATE too, couldn’t clear it, though.

There were 2 exams which I really wanted to clear. Air Force and GATE.

Air Force because I wanted to be a pilot and GATE because I believed that I’m smart enough to live in an IIT once for all.

During my preparation, I used to see airplanes; a lot. I really, really, really wanted to sit in one of them. But with my salary. And I couldn’t qualify for any exams.

Amidst the series of failures and shame in asking for money from my younger brother and parents, I decided to do a part-time job in writing. As one of my best friends told me to give it a try,

Imagine how I started?

With 8K/months, 15100/month…and after three years. When you have a father who had high hopes for your future…a mother’s support in all your endeavors… a younger brother who looked upon you as a smart sister; it was quite painful.

Right now, I’m in a place where a company is paying for my flight and stay. And my part-time hobby persuasion became my future decider.

I could live the dream which I used to see from the ground of Hyderabad.

No, I don’t have a government job. Yes, I did get married, but not to a man with a government job.

But, I’m seeing the sunrise while living my dreams and stepping into a future full of possibilities.

I have heard “Dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep “

Today on 12th December, I experienced that living the dream also doesn’t let you sleep.

I know sitting on a plane might not be a big deal for you. But it is for many people like me. Especially the girls like me.

The struggles of having an existential crisis, seeing yourself falling behind when you were the class topper, and peers getting way ahead of you. Making tons of wrong decisions that put your character in doubt, losing respect in your own eyes, losing people closest to you; suffocates you and forces you to ask the question of whether staying is even worth it?

Believe me. It is worth it!

When you’ll hold yourself…help yourself to pass through the darkest tunnel of your life…when you’ll take charge of your life…when you’ll create your own path, irrespective of your society and your past…

Trust me, it’ll all be worth it.

I don’t know what life has for me in the future, but I’m happy TODAY, I’m proud of myself TODAY, I believe myself TODAY.

This story is not meant to encourage you to have small dreams, the purpose is to tell you that NEVER STOP DREAMING, NO MATTER HOW HOPELESS IT GETS, HOW DREADING AND ANXIOUS DREAMING AGAIN LOOKS.



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