From Lockdown to Life Lessons

The Pandemic Stole Our Plans for the Year 2020 and Year After That but it Has Also Given a Lot of Time to Appreciate What We Have to Live For. Are You One of the Fortunate People Who Will Come Out of This Covid-19 Crisis? What Did You Learn from This Unusual Time?

Devanshi Singh.
3 min readJun 25, 2020
Earth during the CORONA pandemic. Blogs from Devanshi Singh

It’s ironic to see that all we needed a pandemic to connect us all on the same level. I guess for the first time in the world all the nations, communities, races, age groups; every single one has one fear and one battle to fight.

The punch of COVID-19 onto the Earth has done a lot of destruction, but it has taught a lot of life lessons too.

I must say nature has an excellent sense of humor, and it has played a grand practical prank on all of humanity. We were so full of fighting each other on insane reasons, and nature threw a ball of CORONA pandemic to think about what we have to save instead of what we have to dispose of.

And now nature heals itself as pollution diminishes; birds sing to their hearts out in a new bright & clear sky, and animals reclaim their land as we stay locked in our homes. (I hope people got an idea of how does it feel like to be an animal in a cage with food.)

There has to be meaning of all of this happening around us. We must learn the lessons that our nature is trying to teach us all along.

  1. Appreciate what you have now- Learn to appreciate the small things around you. Family, friends, home, health, and all the things we take for granted are the ones that remain in the end.
  2. Just trust the here and now; everything else can change in a matter of minutes! So, live in the present and do not take experiences for granted.
  3. There is a silver lining in every cloud. The lockdown has given ample time to introspect. Take time to breathe, embrace nothingness, and just to be yourself.
  4. Be a little bit pessimist. It might sound weird, but thinking of the worst thing to happen will help you to prepare for it. Ever wondered if nations were ready for a pandemic like this, how many lives they could save?
  5. We are in this together. Any pandemic won’t differentiate between poor & rich, rulers & oppositions, black or white, Hindu or Muslim. We’ve got to be together to save humanity, not just humans of particular ‘criteria.’

I hope when all this is over, we human, come out wiser than we’re before.

What did YOU learn from this pandemic?

From lockdown to life lessons blog from Devanshi Singh



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