Netflix Mindhunter Review- Showing the tragic side of serial killers [ Netflix series you must watch]

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I am not going to talk about good guys in the show as everyone is talking about them and you can read about them in other answers. I’ll show you the craziness of this show that works like a spell.

David Fincher grabbed the viewer once again with Mindhunter after some mindblowing flicks Zodiac, Gone Girl, Se7en. Not only this tv series makes you fall in love with FBI officers all over again but it also makes you see Serial Killer differently

I wasn’t expecting a serial killer like Ed Kemper to be so well versed yet intimidating. What a portray of character by Cameron Britton.

You never expect a criminal like this to be so articulate and a well behaved. The way he explained that killing was not murder for him but “oeuvre”.

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Real Ed Kemper(co-ed killer) vs Cameron Britton

If you are anything weird like me you are going to respect, fear and hate this character simultaneously.

The idea of using criminals to broaden the study of criminal psychology is pictured strategically. How it was born, how it was started, what challenges it faced and how mind wrecking it was to talk to these criminals.

You start to sympathize with them even when you have seen what they have done.

The other interview that baffled me was with Paul Bateson “bag murders.” (played by Morgan Kelly).

When he was explaining the other level of how killers see violence. They see violence in everything, Love is violence, sex is violence. They use it to find the “connection”. The connection for FEAR & TRUST”. You can’t fear someone while trusting them. (That’s how general people think).

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Bag Murder (Real Killer) vs Morgan Kelly

The third that catches my eyes was hilarious yet horrible. Interview of Pierce (played in the show by Michael Filipowich). The interview starts with a shock that person knows so many good words and Pierce says that he knows 7 languages.

God, how many people know 7 languages and those that are highly used all over the world. He continuously denied all the accusations until he gets that chocolate cookie. Do you expect a killer of a 13-year-old to be like this?

No, you don’t.

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Pierce vs Michael Filipowich

The show depicts how FBI officers are dedicated to their work, how internal politics runs even in that reputed organization, what it takes to finally execute any new idea, what good officers lose when they work their ass off in a case.

Along with hacking criminal minds, it also succeeds to show the struggle with homosexuality and struggle women feel in the men-ruled world.

I watched the complete Mindhunter within 3 days. The second season I ended in one night and one day (Yes I am a binge-watcher). It does screw with your mind.

If you are really in the mood to watch something really weird, cool, with awesome characters and astounding acting I’ll suggest you go for Mindhunter.

According to amateur writer/reviewer, and fan of Breaking Bad that has set the bar of TV series in ultimate level I’ll rate Mindhunter to 8.5/10 rating.

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I’ll be releasing 6 more reviews on Top Netflix Series You Must Watch. Stay tuned!

Let me know your experience with Mindhunter. Did you feel it or just watched it?

PS- People with week heart who have strong imagination power(Like when people start vomiting just by talking about it ;-)- Think thrice read stories, watch the trailer if that interest you then go for it.



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