The Morning Show: A Perfect Comeback [TV Show Review]

Devanshi Singh.
3 min readDec 11, 2019

No big Spoiler Alert

IMDB Rating 8.2

Cast — Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, Mark Duplass, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Billy Crudup and more.

Just finished the last episode of The Morning Show: The Interview.

You will be thrilled by the end of this episode.

I was wondering why Jennifer appeared on Instagram out of the blue.

Frankly, I wasn’t aware of The Morning Show, let alone I wasn’t even aware that Apple is launching its own Netflix.

And once I get to know about it, I couldn’t wait to see Rachel with her sister. (If you are a fan of Friends, you got me. If not then check here) with Steve Carrel.

Apple must have planned it very strategically.

Enough about my feeling, let’s bring The Morning Show Review on the table.

The show starts with a man lying on the floor with background music like he is a deadman and then the phone rings. The face of Steve Carell comes in the show followed by a 3.30 AM alarm and flawless Jennifer Aniston.

The show doesn’t give you some overwhelming narrative introduction of each character. It portrays the story as if it has been always there.

If you are a working professional, especially in the news sector, you are going to find it highly relatable.

Steve Carell will befuddle your mind with his twisting character. You will find it difficult how to feel about his character until the last episode.

After watching The Office for 10 years and 40 years old virgin, it was quite hard to accept him as a sexual predator. Well, the level of deniability of his action matches with Michal’s stubbornness and ignorance.

But of course, he was able to put the villain in picture with his impeccable acting skill.

With the trailer, you don’t get the actual deal with the show. Even in the first episode, you think like, the okay story might revolve around #MeToo Movement, but as the show goes on you get to learn much more.

As it is was so good to watch Jennifer on the TV screen again, it was extremely sad and furious to watch the things most people go through in the workplace, what they have to tolerate and how they have no say in right and wrong due to pressure of upper management and job security.

The show unmistakably portrays the situation of the workplace we live (or most of us live in). It shows the denial of sexual misconduct, denial of jealousy among colleagues, suffocating environment to express your workplace dilemma, a positive work environment with the ugly truth behind the scene.

The show is not just about feminism or just to give you one more story with drama.

It makes you think.

It is not really a brain works but It does make you use your common sense.

It makes dreadful situations of workplace apparent and solid which we might have faced, heard, felt, but not noticed it with seriousness.

TMS shows, what it takes to be at the top of the world, what is the cost you pay to reach there. How you become the face of the public and lost the time of the face of your family.

The hard work, the passion for the profession, actions to ignore the negativity of the environment with some real shit; everything is covered well in the show.

I can say the show is superbly written, well-directed, fairly portrayed and acted by all the actors. From the booker to the cameraman to Jennifer Aniston, to Reese Witherspoon to Steve Carell everyone will give you a nice dose of some good acting.

If you like the drama, office politics and tragedy gives you a kick like a character on the show name Corry (played by Billy Crudup), then you are going to like The Morning Show.

I’ll go with 8/10

My critique insight: The show can go show more depth on story and experience along with glossiness.

Have you watched it?

What’s your take on the show?

Do let me know in the comments!



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